Why not me……

Many times I feel like
I should tell her

Tell her “how much does she means to me”
Tell her “how much does her smile matter to me”
Tell her “how much does her holding hands affects me”
Tell her “how much does her smell drives cravy to me “
Tell her “how much does her voices pops my heart out”

I want to tell her all this
I want to say all this
But I’m afraid

Scared how will she react
Scared what will she say
Frightened what next things gonna be happen
Yes, I afraid all this

I am terrified to see when;
I was speaking my heart out,
She might not be shocked but;
Definitely confused why now,
Why at this moment when;
She’s already in love,
Yes, already in love n that’s for sure;
I’m not that guy,
I just ask this question everyday



Very soon we gonna meet
What we was waiting for
Very soon I gonna see you
What I always wanted
Very soon we gonna cuddle each other
What we was doing so long on phone
Very soon we gonna kiss each others
What we always dreamed about
Very soon we gonna fulfill dreams
Very soon very soon very soon

With each counting days
My enthusiasm increases
With text now a days
My feelings increases for you even more
With each hours passing now a days
My love increases for you zillions times
With each minutes of delay in conversation
My whole life complete an earth revolution
With each seconds passing by
I love you like I never loved before

Now a days I am changed
Not a bad person but a good person
Now a days I’m changed
I smile even more
Now a days I’m changed
My love for you is even enormous
Now a days I’m changed
Like I never was……

Side effects of your love………

Like the way we look at each other
Like the way you blush
Like the way you dress
Like the way you walk
Like the way we hold hands

I just can’t forget all this
I just can’t replace all this
I just can’t have the best of it
I just can’t dream for anything else
I just can’t wish to have anything more

Whatever you have don on me
I definitely don’t know what you have done
But that’s for sure it came best out of me

You and Me

From the day one
I lost myself in you
You was the Divine beauty
I was the craving lover
You was the charmer
I was the annoyer
You was someone to spend life with
I was someone to waste life with

Now things are changing
From a complete introvert
You made me an extrovert
From an entire reserved person
You made me BOLD……

You was always kind on me
The over generous nature of yours
Made me love you even more
The over joyful nature of your
Always excited for happiness
The love which she crave for
Always being positive
The girl who is shy
Always thinking for others
The girl who is “QUEEN”
Always the ruler of my “HEART”……..

Moments with her

Moment I saw you
I became your secret admirer
Moment I talk with you
I became in love with your voice
Moment we share our first eye glances
I was craving for your attention
Moment where we are walking together
I can hear my heartbeat which was beating
Moment when I was sitting next to you
I can feel the warmth of yours
Moment when I touched your hands
I can never forget that feeling
Your’s beautiful soft hands
I always want to hold it till the time sun have it’s brightest
Till the time moon have it’s charm
Which is forever till the time…….